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Syeda Fatimee Scholarship Program (SFSP)

About Syeda Fatimee (11th June 1989 - 7th Dec 2018)

I am feeling highly honored to jot down words, full of respect and honour, for my beloved Syeda Fatimee. Her name was the source of happiness, healing, and inspiration to me. She was more than a sister and a soul mate to me who always stood beside me in every thick and thin and guided me like a true mentor. We spent a golden span of friendship but Alas! It was short yet full of energy and life.

My lady truly had an iconic personality. Her marvelous life was in front of everyone, but the struggling time was not. I knew her from the time when she was at her struggling stage. We both were colleagues in a private institution in the city of Attock (her hometown). If I talk about her academic life, it was full of achievements from schooling till M.Phil. She earned a wide range of medals, trophies, certificates and a significant lot of appreciation letters in her life through and through. In her school and college life, she was considered to be the unbeatable candidate of debate and speech competitions. Besides this, she also had a melodious voice from which she conquered many hearts by reciting Naat lyrics.

She always gave tough time to herself. During work-hours at school, whenever she got some extra time, she opted to read newspapers and journals instead of gossiping. In addition to her job, she was also doing her MPhil in Management Sciences from Comsats Attock in the evening. After taking her classes, she had to deliver lectures to the students of different academic backgrounds too such as commerce, accounting, finance, etc. With this hectic schedule, she still managed time to prepare herself for Central Superior Services (CSS) exam. Despite the hardships she faced, she had a goal on her mind and she remained adamant to achieve it through hard work. That was the time when I understood the true meaning of determination and courage. I often used to call her “The Iron Lady of Attock” which she eventually proved too (feeling proud).

If I talk about her nature, she was quite spontaneous to answer anybody within a matter of seconds with her unique humorous yet eloquent style. She was such a person who easily adjusted herself to any environment and to any group of people irrespective of whether they were children or old-age group. I won’t be wrong if I recall her as “Zinda Dil or Yaroun ki Yaar”. She had such an amazing personality that whoever met her for the first time had a wish to meet her again.

My words are shortening to describe her versatile and wonderful personality. Undoubtedly, she filled our lives with utmost happiness, unforgettable feelings and wonderful memories that we will carry in our hearts forever. May Allah rest your soul in the eternal peace of heaven, my love. (Ameen). You are and will badly be missed. If you have read it till here, please spare a few moments to recite Surah Fatiha for Syeda Fatimee. I shall be highly grateful to you.

Kind Regards,
Iqra Naz - Syeda Fatimee's Best Friend

About Syeda Fatimee Scholarship Program (SFSP)

To contribute in her mission to educate and to keep Mrs. Fatimee’s name alive, SFSP is introduced by The CSPs Academy - Online aka TCA Online for needy, deserving, and hardworking CSS Aspirants. To award SFSP, applicants with necessary documents are invited every month and both the applicants and applications are scrutinized rigourously by team TCA Online. The scholarship program covers the fee (up to Rs. 30, 000/-) of all compulsory subjects taught at TCA Online.



Where the Revenues will Go?

With the approval of Mrs. Syeda Fatimee's parents and immediate family members, it has been decided that 100%  revenues of the scholarship program will go to charity.


Required Documents to Apply:

To apply for SFSP by TCA Online, the following documents are needed:

i. National Identity Card (NIC) Copy of the Aspirant and his Father

ii. All Educational Certificates (Matric, F.Sc, Bachelor, Master etc.)

iii. Co-curricular/Achievement/High Performance Certificates at University Level (if any) 

iv. Utility Bills (Water, Telephone, Gas, & Electricity) of the Past Six Months

v. Bank Statement (Six Months) of the Applicant or his Father


Charity Amount for SFSP

The charity amount for SFSP due to be paid by CSS Aspirants is Rs. 7, 000/- only which has to be paid in the JazzCash Account # 0313 3319144.

In case of refusal of your application, Rs. 1000/- (Scrutiny Charges) are deducted and the rest of the amount is refunded to the applicant with in 48 hours of the refusal of application. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is pertinent to mention here that the dedcuted amount of scrutiny charges also go to charity in the name of late Mrs. Syeda Fatimee.

To apply for Syeda Fatimee Scholarship Program (SFSP), Call/SMS us at 0333 5766393 / 0333 3319144.