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Our Story

<p>Established in August 2016, The CSPs Academy (TCA) Online has been providing its online teaching and evaluation services to the aspirants of competitive exams positively. As joining Civil Services of Pakistan has always been a fascinating dream for a number of students. However, getting through the exam that leads you to this destination is considered to be a herculean task due to lack of resources and factual guidance. In such a situation, The CSPs Academy - Online (TCA Online) took up an agenda to cater the needs of students by providing them a wide range of exclusive services and <a href="">Best CSS Academy in Islamabad Pakistan.</a></p> <p>Having its roots in 2016, TCA Online is working proficiently to meet the required standards and quality of the competitive exams for the aspirants in true letter and spirit. What makes it unique is its devoted and passionate faculty which is capable enough to cope with the needs of all the aspirants with individual attention. Our prime focus is on the amalgamation of Civil Servants with Subject Specialists so as to get a diversified and focused teaching pool. It is pertinent to mention here that we firmly believe that everyone can teach but everyone is not a teacher.</p> <p>It is also pertinent to mention here that there were and still are thousands of aspirants expanded across the country who live in far-flung areas and have reasons other than finances owing to which they cannot move to major cities like Islamabad and Lahore for the preparation of the competitive exams. This may include job-holders and house-wiives too, who have to maintain a study-family balance.</p> <p>TCA, being an online setup, resolves this concern of such aspirants and plays a critical role in saving time, money and energy costs of the aspirants. We are proud to win the trust of hundreds of students with our effectual strategies and powerful mechanism. You can come and join us as TCA Online is surely your gateway to bureaucracy and also <a href="">Best CSS Academy in Lahore and Karachi</a></p>