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Essays’ Evaluation Program (EEP)

Essays’ Evaluation Program (EEP) by TCA Online

It will not be wrong to state that the paper of English Essay is considered to be the backbone of all the competitive exams of Pakistan such as CSS, PMS, PCS etc. It’s a constant nightmare! A significant majority of the aspirants that comprise up to 85% often fail this paper due to several reasons such as poor written expression, misunderstanding the topic, lack of practice, coherence issues, improper & weak Essay Checking and Evaluation, & many a time even no evaluation at all of their written work.

It is pertinent to mention here that there are many students of the competitive exams who trust their writing abilities and have enough confidence that they are capable of writing full-length essays.

However, at the same time, they are equally concerned about the Best Essay and Composition Teacher for proper and detailed evaluation of their written work as well so that they can come to know about their mistakes and follow the right path. They realize this to the core that to open the door of success in the exam, nothing but consistent and quality evaluation is the key.

For such strata of confident students, we offer a rigorous and detailed evaluation-cum-feedback program of full-length Essays commonly referred to as Essays’ Evaluation Program (EEP) by TCA Online. Both the quantitative (marks-wise) and qualitative (corrections of mistakes, feedback, comments, etc.) aspects of evaluation are covered in that program. There are two packages for evaluation of essays as follows:

  1. Rs. 3000/- for 5 full-length essays
  2. Rs. 5000/- for 10 full-length essays

If you belong to such group of confident aspirants and want to enroll yourself for a comprehensive and detailed checking and evaluation of essays at TCA Online, call at our official number i.e. 0313 3319144.

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Essays' Evaluation Program (EEP) Sample

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